Saadia Yacoob

Saadia Yacoob

Saadia Yacoob
Assistant Professor of Religion

Office:Hollander Hall, Rm 206
Office Phone: (413) 597-2585



B.A.: American University
M.A.: McGill University
Ph.D.: Duke University


REL 200 – What is Religion? Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion
REL 230 – Who was Muhammad?
REL 234 – What is Islam?
REL 236 – Reading the Qur’an
REL 241 – History of Sexuality
REL 242 – Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Islam
REL 243 – Islamic Law: Past and Present
REL 332 – Islam and Feminism
REL 358 – Religion and Law
REL 401 – Issues in Study of Religion

Research Areas:

  • Islamic Legal History
  • Islamic Law and Gender
  • Legal and Scriptural Hermeneutics
  • Muslim Feminism
  • History of Gender and Sexuality
  • Feminist Epistemology
  • Legal anthropology


“Islamic Law and Gender,” in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law. Edited by Anver Emon and Rumee Ahmed, Oxford University Press, 2018.

“Hacking and Intentionality,” The Immanent Frame. Book forum response to Sharia Compliant: A User’s Guide to Hacking Islamic Law, by Rumee Ahmed, Stanford University Press, 2018.

“Treading the path of faith: Amina Wadud, a pioneering theologian,” in A Jihad for Justice: Honoring the Work and Life of Amina Wadud. Edited by Kecia Ali, Juliane Hammer, and Laury Silvers, 2012.

“Tanzimat Legal Reforms Left Changes in Palestinian Society.” Review of Family and Court: Legal Culture and Modernity in Late Ottoman Palestine, by Iris Agmon. al-Jadid Magazine 56/57 (2006).