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Organizer: Jason ?nanda Josephson Day 46: Jellies in Space-by Chris Smith Creative Commons

Since the 1970s much of the academy has labored under a particular form of linguistic skepticism (often called postmodernism or poststructuralism) that is directed at the destruction of stable conceptions of subjectivity and meaning. It is often said that everything is a text and that all knowledge is power. But just as the typewriter has given way to the computer and disco to dubsteb, as we exit postmodernity new philosophies are appearing on the conceptual horizon.


On May 16-17, this inaugural workshop will bring together scholars engaged in cutting edge research who will present their different prospective exits from the postmodern impasse. Often drawing on work in ecology, science studies, contemporary continental philosophy, radical theology, new materialism, feminism, neuroscience and complexity theory, these thinkers aim to reclaim knowledge of the real world, to suture the separation between the sciences and the humanities, and to overturn what they see as the dualism between matter (as dead or inert) and mind (as the locus of life and agency). By so doing, they often claim to empower the object-world and dethrone humanity from the center of philosophy. At stake is nothing less than the future of scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences.




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